Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up On Apple Maps?

I have been looking into the case of the missing Didgeroo on Apple Maps.  Didgeroo, Ltd, a London SEO & Web Marketing shop, has done everything by the book (a still-mostly-unwritten-book of course) – they have a Yelp profile and they have submitted their business data to TomTom (about two weeks ago), but they still are not showing up in Apple Maps.  While I haven’t finished my investigation, there are two potential issues that seem like good candidates for Didgeroo’s snafu:

1. Address Issues
When you search for their address in Apple Maps (86-90 Paul Street London England) you get a marker that says only “Paul Street”:
Apple Maps No Street Number

But when you change the query to another address on Paul Street like “10 Paul Street London England”, you get the street number:

Apple Maps With Street Number

This makes me think that Apple Maps either has a problem with complicated address numbers like 86-90 or, more likely, it does not have this address in its dataset.  Which brings me to my second thought on TomTom Places:

2. TomTom is Overloaded With New/Updated Business Listings
As far as I can tell TomTom is the primary business listings data provider for Apple Maps for a large number of countries.  When you submit your business info to TomTom Places, before they ship it over to Apple Maps, or anywhere else, they probably have to go through a verification process which means they need to prove that the data you have submitted is correct.  Since there is an overwhelming amount of incorrect data and an equally overwhelming amount of attention being given to Apple Maps, I’ve got to believe that in the past few weeks, TomTom has received millions of new submissions/updates.  I don’t care how many people you have in the Philippines doing your grunt work, it’s going to take more than two weeks to get through a lot of these verifications.  When I think about what they must be going through, it kind of reminds me of this:

There may even be a third issue related to the underlying geo-data about the address that could be harder to solve than putting Lucy and Ethel on the line…

There are some other potential issues mentioned in my discussion with Didgeroo’s Chris Skitch here. If anyone has any other thoughts on this problem, please add to the comments. I am sure Didgeroo would appreciate it.

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