How To Submit Bulk Listings to Apple Maps

UPDATE 10/23/14: As you can see, their bulk listing process may not be up and running just yet. I would still submit just to get in the queue.
Bulk update not yet












I have received a few questions over the past 24 hours since Apple Maps Connect launched about how to submit multi-location business listings to Apple Maps. At the moment, Apple Maps Connect does not support large multi-location businesses via self-service. According to the Apple Maps Connect Help section, if you have more than 100 locations, you can send Apple Maps a file with the updated info via

As far as I know there’s no specific format for the file, but I doubt you can go wrong with a csv that includes all of the fields you can submit as an individual business:

      Business Name

Phone Number


Map Location (you can move a pin on the map to fix)

Place Status (i.e. is the business open or closed down)

Categories (you can select 3 top level categories and a sub-category for each such as Pets > Animal Shelters. You can also suggest categories. Phil Rozek has put together a category list in a Google Doc.)

Open Hours

Business website

Yelp page

Facebook page

Twitter page

For more tips on Apple Maps Connect see our Apple Maps Connect FAQ.

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