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TomTom MapShare Reporter

Tom Tom, the in-car navigation service, is a data provider to Apple Maps.  While it’s unclear how much business listing data Tom Tom is providing, my sources tell me they suspect that Tom Tom is supplementing listing data provided by other sources in the following countries:

United Kingdom

While in many cases, TomTom appears to source its business listing data from third parties, it also provides the ability for businesses in the above countries (except for Canada and Russia) to add their listings to the TomTom database or update an existing listing.  To do this go to Tom Tom Places and search for your company.  If it’s not in TomTom’s database, then you can add it by entering your information here.  Be sure to categorize your listing correctly when prompted.

If your business is displaying the wrong location on Apple Maps in one of the TomTom countries, you can try to correct the situation in TomTom’s database by using TomTom’s Mapshare Reporter.  Mapshare Reporter allows you to enter an address and then file a report about what you think is wrong with the address.  Warning: It does not appear to work with Chrome browsers.

At this point, it’s unclear how quickly TomTom updates its data, and how quickly TomTom updates make it into Apple Maps.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Thanks for this, Andrew. So it’s unclear whether Tom Tom is supplementing listing data provided by other sources in the US? (Is the US supposed to be on the list?)

      1. true. there is no way to add a business to TomTom Places for the US. That doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting US business data in some way. But given their relationship with Localeze, my best guess is that they have no meaningful US business listings.

      1. Thanks Russ. And since I added this post a year ago (!), we now know that Acxiom and Factual are also significant business listing data providers.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Really appreciate this article. Very useful. Have listed my main client (U.K. based) and will flag this up on a few of my social media sites. Good work, sir.

    1. Thanks George. if you figure out anything else re UK listings and Apple Maps, please send it on over.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Really nice and precise information..but i am from india and want to list my sites in certain good Listing local sites?could it be possible? and did n’t find any good sites for india local listing?

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