How To Add a Business to Nokia Maps (aka

We interrupt this Apple Maps blog to get you the skinny on Nokia’s newly announced Here maps service. While there is not a lot of available info on how businesses can work with Here (kind of like Apple Maps right?), I thought I’d cobble together any information I could find and list it here:

How To Claim Your Business on
Claim Your Business on Nokia
To claim your business on Here, search for it using the name and city. Since Here is a global service, it doesn’t seem to do well unless you add the city and state to the query. If your business comes up in the results, click on it and you’ll get a profile pop-up like the one above. Click on the “I own this place” link and you’ll be taken through a login process after which you choose either phone or postcard verification as shown below:
How To Claim a Business on Nokia

Phone verification is instantaneous. Postcard verification can take up to 2 to 6 weeks. Of course, if the phone number or address is incorrect, then you might have problems verifying you own the business. Which brings me to…

How To Report a Problem With Your Business Listings on
How To Report a Problem With A Business Listing on Nokia

Click on “Report This Place” link in the pop-up for the business as shown above and you’ll get a “Report this Place” screen below. Select “Other” and let them know that the data is wrong. Submit the correct info and wait. It will likely take them a while to update it, but that’s the breaks when it comes to maps, right?
Report This Place on Nokia


How To Add Your Business To Nokia Maps
Update August 2017 – Nokia Maps is no longerGo Nokia Prime Place and you can easily submit a new business and verify it via postcard.  I just submitted mine today. I’ll update this post when I receive the postcard.

If you try to add a business via Here, it’s a bit more confusing.  If you are outside the US, you can go into the “Map Creator” section, zoom in on a city and click on “Add a New Place” in the nav.  There are about 100+ countries that are currently supported including Palau and Equatorial Guinea.

At this point there is no clear way to add a U.S.-based business to if it’s not already listed. I am trying to figure out how they are getting their business listing data for each country. My best guess at the moment is this list of partners for Earthmine, the 3D mapping company Nokia has acquired. If anyone has any better info, please share in the comments.

Will update this as I figure Nokia maps out.

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    1. Thanks Catalin. For what it’s worth, at least in the US, I think “HERE” is a weak choice for a brand. It’s too generic.

      And the fact that you need to go to Nokia Prime Place to add your business to HERE Maps is confusing for people who are not familiar with the service.

      Think I’ll have to write a new post on that subject.

  1. I wouldn’t hold your breath! I have 5 businesses that I have registered with Prime Place, I have had the postcards over 3 weeks ago to verify. Still waiting for the listing to appear on Here. Nokia’s support is not existent, I just keep going round in circles with them. Tearing my hair out!

    1. Sorry to hear about that John. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia only updates its business listings index sporadically like once/month, if that. Can you keep us posted as to when the listings go live?

      1. Its very strange, All the businesses have been verified (over 3 weeks ago) 3 are appearing on HERE. 2 are not. and only 1 out of the five have so far made it to Bing, any clues?

        1. I haven’t dug into how Bing matches up its data. Could be a conflict with another Bing data supplier.

          1. Yes, It’s getting Bing to investigate the problem, I have contacted them various times and they just pass me onto Nokia support, who just refer to a scripted reply.

    1. Been a while since I posted this but yep, Nokia Maps is toast. Updated the post. Thanks!

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