How To Add a Business to Apple Maps in Australia

The sources Apple Maps uses for business listings data vary by country. Today, I was trying to help Happy Endings Comedy Club in Sydney, Australia figure out why they were being shown at 88 Brougham St. when their address is 154 Brougham St. You can follow the discussion on the Apple Support Community here, but I thought it might be useful to my Aussie friends to discuss what I found here.

Warning: I have no idea if this is accurate or not. It’s just what I have found thus far. If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know.


    1. Apple Maps Primary(?) Australian & New Zealand Data Provider is WhereIs Sensis Pty Ltd

      WhereIs appears to aggregate both geo-spatial data (addresses, roads, topography, etc.) from various Australian sources and business listings data (also known as POIs – Points of Interest) from its parent company, Sensis, one of the biggest media companies in Australia, is basically a Yellow Pages monopoly.

    2. It’s Highly Likely That Most Australian Business Listings Data Comes From Sensis
      Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your listing is in Sensis’ (& its parent co Telstra’s) local search engines:

    3. Check Factual
      Factual has listings for Australia that Apple may be using, so check to see if you are listed in their Global Places data set and submit a new record if not (registration required).

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    1. When In Doubt, Try Yelp Australia
      In the case of Happy Ending, they were not present in any of the above databases, at either address.  The only presence I could find for them relevant to Apple Maps was in Yelp Australia.  I didn’t think Apple was using Yelp for base listings data, only reviews and photos, but in certain countries, Apple may be relying on Yelp as a source of ground truth.
    2. It May Be The Mapping Data, Not The Business Data
      The fact that Happy Ending was listed at the incorrect address and I couldn’t find any references to that address in any of the obvious places – or in Google – leads me to think this is less an issue with NAP data and more likely an issue with Apple or the WhereIs screwing up the geo-spatial coordinates.  So besides reporting a problem via Apple Maps, it probably would be a good idea to report the error to WhereIs which you can do here.Happy Ending told me they were going to try all of this stuff, so I’ll keep you posted if it works.  Even if it doesn’t, the exercise should be a net positive for the business as right now they are pretty much invisible in most of the top local search services besides Yelp.


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