Foursquare Confirmed as Apple Maps Business Listings Supplier












Apple Maps has updated its Acknowledgements Page as of 10/22/15 to include Foursquare as a supplier of business listings data. About two years ago there had been some confusion about whether or not Foursquare was in cahoots with Apple Maps. Nice to see this finally confirmed. I have not seen an example of Foursquare data on an Apple Maps listing but I imagine it looks just like the Yelp integration.

This is pretty great news for Foursquare. Everything I have heard from other Apple Maps data suppliers is that the traffic to these listings has been accelerating at a rapid clip – Apple apparently provides data providers traffic data on their listings – so this provides Foursquare with a great reason for businesses to engage with them.


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  1. Curious if you know – it’s noted as Business Listing Data, while Yelp is noted as Reviews. Any indication of what level of 4SQ data is being integrated – just core listings or their more interesting content? [i.e. popularity/ratings, user tips, check-in counts, etc.]

    1. Good catch Perry. I have not been able to find any listings displaying Foursquare data yet. My guess is that Apple licensed all of the 4SQ data. I think that Yelp “Reviews” note is misleading. “Reviews” seems like it = reviews, photos & NAP

      1. I heard from a source who was involved in AM early that Yelp NAP trumped core listings initially.

    2. Foursquare I wouldn’t say even has reviews – all they have is “tips” with I believe has a 200 character maximum. I think the Foursquare “data” (hours, phone numbers, websites, etc.) will be primarily used in countries that Yelp is not in, but also maybe to compare the data for listings that are from Yelp. If the listing from Yelp has a different phone number for instance than Foursqure, maybe a Maps team memebr (an Apple employee) will verify which is correct and then publish the right info.

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