Don’t Bring Apple Maps On Your Vacation…

And I’m not talking about your trip to Mildura, Australia.

Got an inquiry from a business in Tortola on the British Virgin Islands who wanted help in getting listed on Apple Maps.  So I did a search or two to see what was showing up and guess what…
Apple Maps British Virgin Islands

There are no business listings on Apple Maps for the British Virgin Islands.

As far as I can tell, Axciom is the only major provider to Apple Maps that has BVI info. If you are a BVI business you should probably make sure that your listing data is updated here.  It won’t get you on the maps anytime soon, but once Apple prioritizes BVI, it seems logical that they would pull from Acxiom.

This issue has inspired me to start keeping track of the Countries Where Apple Maps Is Closed for Business.  If you know of any others, please add in the comments.