Why Businesses Need To Pay Attention To Apple Maps

@localseoguide so where's the piece on apple maps?? huh? wake up. do some work. become rich and famous. — Dave (@localoptimizer) July 11, 2013 Earlier this week, I did a webinar with Mike Blumenthal, Phil Rozek, Myles Anderson and Linda Buquet on the State of Local Search where I presented my latest findings about Apple […]

Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up On Apple Maps?

I have been looking into the case of the missing Didgeroo on Apple Maps.  Didgeroo, Ltd, a London SEO & Web Marketing shop, has done everything by the book (a still-mostly-unwritten-book of course) – they have a Yelp profile and they have submitted their business data to TomTom (about two weeks ago), but they still are […]

How To Add Your Business To TomTom

Tom Tom, the in-car navigation service, is a data provider to Apple Maps.  While it’s unclear how much business listing data Tom Tom is providing, my sources tell me they suspect that Tom Tom is supplementing listing data provided by other sources in the following countries: Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy […]

Unofficial Apple Maps Frequently Asked Questions by Businesses

Chris Skitch has put together a nice little Apple Maps FAQ for businesses. I thought it would be helpful to repeat it (and update it a little – in italics) here: Q: How do I add, edit or update my business listing in Apple Maps? A: No official answer currently exists. Best guesses: – Use […]

How To Add Your Business Listing To Apple Maps

Source: OMGDroid Want to know how to get your business listed on Apple Maps?  Too bad.  You can’t.  Not directly, anyhow. UPDATE 10/22/14: Apple launched Apple Maps Connect to allow businesses to add and update their listings on Apple Maps! Check out my Apple Maps Connect FAQ. But there are some rudimentary tools available for […]