Apple Maps’ (Lack of) Acknowledgements

Greg Sterling posted today about Apple Maps’ “new” expanded list of data providers which you can find at Unbeknownst to Greg is that this list was updated sometime around the launch of iOS7 in the latter part of 2013. Here’s a November 2013 snapshot from the Web Archive. It’s not surprising that Greg was not […]

Apple Maps Connect F.A.Q. (so far)

      Two years in Apple Maps finally launched Apple Maps Connect, a service for small businesses to update and add their business listing information to Apple Maps. According to Greg Sterling the service is “intended for small business owners or their authorized representatives (though not agencies) to be able to quickly and easily add […]

63% of iPhone Owners Use Apple Maps Says Comscore

Comscore has just released data on U.S. smartphone market share for the three months ending in September, 2013.  According to my calculations, the report shows that 63% of people with iPhones (or 38 million people) use the Apple Maps app.  Here’s how I got the numbers: Comscore Smartphone Subscriber Market Share Data September 2013: According to […]

You Can’t Hide Your Business’ Address in Apple Maps

I have received several inquiries lately from businesses that operate out of residential locations and would like to hide their address in Apple Maps.  As far as I know, you can’t hide your address in Apple Maps.  And in fact, I have heard through the grapevine that Apple Maps has actively tried to keep businesses […]

More Problems To Report in Apple Maps for iOS 7

Apple Maps has improved the “Report a Problem” feature with the release of iOS7 and may have just taken the first step towards making the service more hospitable to businesses. While I have heard very few cases where reporting a problem actually resulted in that problem being resolved, it’s still interesting to see how Apple […]

Apple Maps Is the 10th Most Popular Mobile App in the U.S.

Comscore has released its July 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share report.  According to Comscore Apple Maps is now the 10th most popular mobile app in the U.S. and is reaching about 28% of all smartphone users.  With Apple releasing its new iPhone(s?) later this month and OS Mavericks, its new desktop operating system which […]