Apple Maps Adds Yext, GasBuddy, GreatSchools & Other Data Providers

              While we had previously discovered that Yext* and a number of local search agencies were going to be providing data to Apple Maps, it looks like Apple made it official some time this past month by adding Yext as a supplier of “Business Listings Data” to Apple Maps’ […]

Apple Maps Connect Now Available in France and Germany?

Apple Maps Connect was down about an hour ago. I just tried it again and got the following screen which presents options to pick English, French or German as your language and to subscribe to “News and Notifications”. This may mean that Maps Connect is now available for businesses in French and German-speaking countries:   […]

“Apple Maps Is Not Intended To Be A General Business Directory”

When I started this site, my goal was to keep it as opinion-free as possible and just post “how to” type info. Now that we’re about two years in, it’s time for a rant: Same Day Serves passed on this email he received from Apple Maps re the whole no home-based businesses on Apple Maps thing: […]

Apple Maps Announces New Business Listings Data Partners

Well, perhaps “announces” is a bit strong. When we submitted an inquiry about submitting a client with a few hundred locations to Apple Maps Connect, we received the following email: “Thank you for your recent inquiry and interest in publishing your business locations via our new Business Portal. At this time, we are only accepting bulk […]