Another 1% Of Apple Maps Users Jump Off The Empire State Building

Mike Blumenthal just pinged me about a survey about consumer interest in the iPhone5 AppleInsider published today.  According to the survey: “Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5,” said Dr. […]

Unofficial Apple Maps Frequently Asked Questions by Businesses

Chris Skitch has put together a nice little Apple Maps FAQ for businesses. I thought it would be helpful to repeat it (and update it a little – in italics) here: Q: How do I add, edit or update my business listing in Apple Maps? A: No official answer currently exists. Best guesses: – Use […]

91% of Apple Maps Users Are Not Going To Jump Off The Empire State Building

Mike Blumenthal surveyed iOS6 consumers about their satisfaction with Apple Maps and the iPhone. “It would appear from these results that most users have little or no opinion about the change and that the level of dissatisfaction is very low. Despite the many, many negative reports in the press, it would seem that most users […]

How To Add Your Business Listing To Apple Maps

Source: OMGDroid Want to know how to get your business listed on Apple Maps?  Too bad.  You can’t.  Not directly, anyhow. UPDATE 10/22/14: Apple launched Apple Maps Connect to allow businesses to add and update their listings on Apple Maps! Check out my Apple Maps Connect FAQ. But there are some rudimentary tools available for […]

Apple Maps Suck, But You Know What Doesn’t Suck?

1,000,000,000 iOS devices in use by 2015. Source: So even though Apple Maps is getting a huge amount of crap dumped on it right now (even my father is under the impression that they suck), that doesn’t mean that millions of people won’t be using them to find things, including local businesses.  That’s where this […]