Apple Maps Connect F.A.Q. (so far)

      Two years in Apple Maps finally launched Apple Maps Connect, a service for small businesses to update and add their business listing information to Apple Maps. According to Greg Sterling the service is “intended for small business owners or their authorized representatives (though not agencies) to be able to quickly and easily add […]

Confirmed: Apple Maps is Phone Verifying Business Location Data (MP3)

This just in from Thomas Ballantyne, king of Pest Control SEO from Bulwark Pest Control.  Let’s listen in.  Love the Radioheadish ringtone btw: Apple Maps Phone Verification Audio File I should note that this very well might be a scammer faking they are from Apple, but according to Thomas the caller ID said “Apple, Inc.” […]

Apple Maps Trusts Yelp More Than Business Listing Aggregators

TL:DR: FIX YOUR APPLE MAPS DATA ISSUES ON YELP FIRST Just as Google Local SEO relies on NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) consistency to help Google understand and rank (or not rank) your business, Apple Maps has its own flavor of NAP inconsistencies gumming up the works. Often businesses whose data is not up to […]

63% of iPhone Owners Use Apple Maps Says Comscore

Comscore has just released data on U.S. smartphone market share for the three months ending in September, 2013.  According to my calculations, the report shows that 63% of people with iPhones (or 38 million people) use the Apple Maps app.  Here’s how I got the numbers: Comscore Smartphone Subscriber Market Share Data September 2013: According to […]

You Can’t Hide Your Business’ Address in Apple Maps

I have received several inquiries lately from businesses that operate out of residential locations and would like to hide their address in Apple Maps.  As far as I know, you can’t hide your address in Apple Maps.  And in fact, I have heard through the grapevine that Apple Maps has actively tried to keep businesses […]

Business Categories in Apple Maps for iOS7

Now that Apple Maps allows you to suggest categories for business listings, I thought it might be useful to list them here. There are 689 listed categories, but there are several duplicates and for some reason, a number of foreign-language categories like Amtsgericht.  Why does it matter what these categories are?  If in fact, these […]

More Problems To Report in Apple Maps for iOS 7

Apple Maps has improved the “Report a Problem” feature with the release of iOS7 and may have just taken the first step towards making the service more hospitable to businesses. While I have heard very few cases where reporting a problem actually resulted in that problem being resolved, it’s still interesting to see how Apple […]