Businesses With Residential Addresses Not Allowed In Apple Maps

About two weeks ago when Apple launched Apple Maps Connect, I claimed Local SEO Guide, Inc.’s listing which is officially located at my residence.  We also have an office in downtown Pleasanton. After eleven days of my listings status being “Reviewing”, I received the following in an email: As I said about a year ago, […]

Should Agencies Put All Clients in One Apple Maps Connect Account?

Jim Froling of 949Local asked if an agency should put all of its clients under a single Apple ID or set up a unique Apple ID for each one. A good question as Apple Maps Connect has instantly become a critical part of every local marketer’s to-do list.  While the real answer is “who knows?”, my […]

Changing Business Name? Don’t Forget About Apple Maps!

        Today a retailer client, let’s assume they are called “Bingo’s”, pinged me because they had sold one of their locations, let’s say to “Bozo’s”, and their brand was still appearing on the business’ Yelp profile. So when you searched “bingo pleasanton ca” in Google the Bingo’s Pleasanton Yelp profile showed up […]

How Long Does It Take To Get A Business On Apple Maps? Got A Year?

Image appropriated from On September 25th, 2013 I was contacted by the owner of DC 9 Nightclub about getting the business listed on Apple Maps. After doing a quick review, it seemed like a fairly straightforward issue. DC 9 was not listed in a number of the key business data suppliers to Apple Maps […]

Apple Maps’ (Lack of) Acknowledgements

Greg Sterling posted today about Apple Maps’ “new” expanded list of data providers which you can find at Unbeknownst to Greg is that this list was updated sometime around the launch of iOS7 in the latter part of 2013. Here’s a November 2013 snapshot from the Web Archive. It’s not surprising that Greg was not […]