Apple Maps May Be Using Phone Verification for Businesses

Apple Maps May Be Using Phone Verification for Businesses


I just saw this in the Apple support forum:

“We have been trying to get our location corrected for over a year. We finally got a call from Apple about 6 months ago and they said they are aware of the wrong address and would have it fixed in a couple of months. It is still incorrect. Our business name is The Orchard. We are a wedding venue and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have from 200 to 400 guests trying to find us. “

This is the first I have heard of Apple Maps calling a business to verify the location data. Has anyone else been called by Apple like this?

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  • Philip Rozek

    Or a devilishly clever scammer of some stripe. All the shady SEO companies who cold-call pretend to be Google. If you call up a business and pretend to be Apple Maps, you must be legit.

  • VikC

    …just kill that product already and focus on real innovation. OR, just use OSM as they are light years ahead.

  • Chances are, as Phil mentioned, it was a scammer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it soon turns into a wave. Simple scheme:
    – Call a business, pretending you are Apple Maps. Tell them you will fix the issue.
    – Wait a month, no fix (obviously).
    – Call the business again, act as the actual scammer you are. Tell them you will help them fix it in exchange of a nominal fee in case they do not want to wait for Apple Maps.

    • Andrew Shotland

      Thomas Ballantyne provided a recording of a supposed Apple rep calling them and confirmed that the caller ID said “Apple, Inc.” so it seems like this could be legit