Apple Maps May Be Using Phone Verification for Businesses

I just saw this in the Apple support forum:

“We have been trying to get our location corrected for over a year. We finally got a call from Apple about 6 months ago and they said they are aware of the wrong address and would have it fixed in a couple of months. It is still incorrect. Our business name is The Orchard. We are a wedding venue and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have from 200 to 400 guests trying to find us. “

This is the first I have heard of Apple Maps calling a business to verify the location data. Has anyone else been called by Apple like this?

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  1. Or a devilishly clever scammer of some stripe. All the shady SEO companies who cold-call pretend to be Google. If you call up a business and pretend to be Apple Maps, you must be legit.

  2. …just kill that product already and focus on real innovation. OR, just use OSM as they are light years ahead.

  3. Chances are, as Phil mentioned, it was a scammer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it soon turns into a wave. Simple scheme:
    – Call a business, pretending you are Apple Maps. Tell them you will fix the issue.
    – Wait a month, no fix (obviously).
    – Call the business again, act as the actual scammer you are. Tell them you will help them fix it in exchange of a nominal fee in case they do not want to wait for Apple Maps.

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