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  1. Yeah as of today it’s still down. its VERY frustrating. Any idea how I can get our business location pin to show up at our address?

      1. Thanks! We’re in the USA

        1325 Capital Parkway Ste 117
        Carrollton, TX 75006

        Our bussiness account info is correct but when you physically type in the address the pin is in the wrong location.

        1. I suspect there is a problem with the underlying mapping data. OpenStreetMap seems to think your address is in Valley Ranch instead of Carrollton. Not sure why that would affect the placement of your pin though. If you just search the address, the pin shows up north of Luna Rd. Have you tried to move the pin via Report a Problem?

          1. Thanks for following up with me Andrew, and ahahaha yes, for almost two years I’ve been doing the “drag and drop pin to new location” technique. Do you know of any other options? This has become an major problem.

  2. Is anyone experiencing the frustrating error, “Please Try Again” when searching for their business on Apple Maps Connect? There is no way to either claim your business or add it as a new business.

    When I attempted to send a help email to Apple, I got the same “Please Try Again” error message. I can only assume this is a system-wide bug or failure. See screenshots.

    I would welcome any information you can provide. Thanks!

    1. I tried a query about an hour ago and got no results. This is likely a sign they are about to update the service. Stay tuned….

    2. Apple Maps Connect is working normally again this morning. Thanks to everyone for your input!

  3. I can log in and view my listing dashboard just fine. But maybe the Genius Bar people fixed the problem you ran into.

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