Apple Maps Business Listings Data Suppliers By Country

Note: This list was last updated on 9.26.16 and is very much a work-in-progress.

I have noticed a lot of confusion about how to add listings to Apple Maps for different countries. While you can do so via the “Report a Problem” screen on Apple Maps, all businesses should also make sure their data is up to date on the relevant data supplier for their country. Failing to do this could mean that your business info gets overwritten when Apple gets a new update from a supplier whose data it trusts more than the data you have submitted.

I have put together this list of data vendors by country to help make it easier to figure out where to go to update your data:

Business Listings Supplier Country
Axciom Global
Apontador Brazil Global
DAC Group United States
Das Örtliche Germany
Factual Global
Foursquare Global
GasBuddy Canada & United States
GreatSchools United States Austria
iPeen Taiwan
LinkMercado S. A. ( Brazil
Neustar Localeze United States
Location3 United States
Mobilsoft SPRL Global
MomentFeed United States
NavAds BV Netherlands
PagesJaune S.A. France
Parkopedia United States
PositionTech United States
Rio SEO United States
SIM Partners United States
Swisscom Directories Switzerland
Tabelog China
TripAdvisor Global
Where 2 Get It (Brandify) United States
Yellow Pages Group Corp Canada
Yellow Pages Turkey Turkey
Yelp Global
Yext United States & Europe
KingWay Technology China
Fonecta.Fi Finland
Quandoo Europe & Asia
DTG BV Netherlands

This list is based on information found in the Apple Maps Acknowledgments page.  I’ll keep this list updated as I get new information.  Feel free to ping me if you have any.

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