Apple Maps Adds Yellow Pages Turkey, Navads & e.Wego

Turkish Flag






Last week Zac Hall reported on 9 To 5 Mac that the Apple Maps Acknowledgments page had been updated to include:

Yellow Pages Turkey

Yellow Pages Turkey is pretty straightforward – Turkish business listings.

Navads appears to be a Yext-like service. Here’s how they describe it on their Solutions page:

“Navads has built a content platform whereby it manages its customer content, and this platform directly links with the core maps of TomTom, HERE and Google (the 3 principal global map providers). Navads converts the customer content into the required format specifications of these parties and submits the content to these map providers.”

So they likely have a decent set of updated business data that Apple would like to display. Of interest is they recently inked a partnership with UBL. My guess is we will continue to see Apple partner with agents who have direct relationships with large numbers of local businesses to get the freshest data.

e.Wego also appears to provide local data distribution services to its clients along with other local digital presences solutions like store locators and mobile payments. I assume they are focused on French businesses but have not figured that out yet. They also operate the Mark and Go directory which is an empty webpage at this time.

We should continue to see Apple Maps add more of these data partnerships over the summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the launch of iOS 9 this fall that the partner list becomes quite substantial.

Also, while we’re at it, Apple Maps Connect added 5 more regions a few weeks ago: Europe: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands.