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Apple Maps Now Using Wikipedia, YellowPages Group of Canada & Dianping As Data Sources


Apple Maps Wikipedia Photos










Quickly on the heels of adding data from TripAdvisor and, Apple Maps now appears to be using information from Wikipedia, YellowPages Group of Canada and Dianping, China’s version of Yelp, to enhance the data from prominent points of interest (POIs). The profile above is for Burj Khalifa Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Apple Maps Profile (requires Mac OS X or iOS)
Burj Khalifa Wikipedia Page

Here are citations from Apple Maps recently updated Acknowledgements page showing the Yellow Pages Group of Canada* and Pages Jaunes (a YPG co) as business listings data sources:

Yellow Pages Canada Apple Maps
PagesJaunes Canada Apple Maps

It’s not clear if Apple Maps is getting data directly from YPG or that it is citing YPG as a source since they supply data to Yelp which then supplies it to Apple Maps. Recently, Google Maps stopped using YPG data. Could this have been because YPG was now in bed with Apple?

Here’s one for the Mili Aquarium in Zhuhai, China using Dianping data:

Mili Aquarium China Dianping Apple Maps











Mili Aquarium Apple Maps Profile (requires Mac OS X or iOS)

Thus far I have not found any Wikipedia info on Apple Maps profiles of any non-landmark businesses that have Wikipedia pages (e.g. Dylan’s Candy Bar). It appears that the business must have some kind of landmark status to get the Wikipedia data, which appears to override any Yelp or other 3rd party reviews, which now do not appear on these profiles, at least those that I have found thus far.

I expect we will seeing a lot more of these data partnerships roll out over the next few months. Ultimately I anticipate that at some point any iOS app that has POI data will be able to be attached to relevant Apple Maps profiles.

Hat tip to Michael G. for being more obsessive about Apple Maps than even I am!

*Disclosure: Yellow Pages Group of Canada is a client of Local SEO Guide, the owner of this site

Businesses Can Now Claim Apple Maps Listings From iOS Devices (UPDATED)


With the iOS 8.3 update released today, businesses can now claim their Apple Maps business listing via iOS devices . Here’s how it works:

Search for the business in the Apple Maps app, click on the “i” icon next to the map pin to see the business’ profile. Then click on the “Report a Problem” link:











At the bottom of the Report a Problem screen, click on the “Claim This Business” link:











You then get a pop-up dialog message that says you will need to verify ownership of the business:











When you click “Confirm,” you are taken to the login screen for Apple Maps Connect in the mobile Safari browser where you will need to either login or register with an AppleID to get in.

Once in Apple Maps Connect, you should be taken through the normal phone verification system, but it appears that there are still some kinks to be worked out:








This feature also is now available on desktops with OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3. Just click on the Report a Problem button on any unclaimed business profile:




Thanks to Michael Giskin for first pointing this out!