“Apple Maps Is Not Intended To Be A General Business Directory”

When I started this site, my goal was to keep it as opinion-free as possible and just post “how to” type info. Now that we’re about two years in, it’s time for a rant: Same Day Serves passed on this email he received from Apple Maps re the whole no home-based businesses on Apple Maps thing: […]

Apple Maps Announces New Business Listings Data Partners

Well, perhaps “announces” is a bit strong. When we submitted an inquiry about submitting a client with a few hundred locations to Apple Maps Connect, we received the following email: “Thank you for your recent inquiry and interest in publishing your business locations via our new Business Portal. At this time, we are only accepting bulk […]

Businesses With Residential Addresses Not Allowed In Apple Maps

About two weeks ago when Apple launched Apple Maps Connect, I claimed Local SEO Guide, Inc.’s listing which is officially located at my residence.  We also have an office in downtown Pleasanton. After eleven days of my listings status being “Reviewing”, I received the following in an email: As I said about a year ago, […]