Apple Maps Business Listings Data Suppliers By Country

Apple Maps Business Listings Data Suppliers By Country


Note: This list is very much a work-in-progress.  Let me know if you can confirm this info or if you think any of it is incorrect.

I have noticed a lot of confusion about how to add listings to Apple Maps for different countries. While you can do so via the “Report a Problem” screen on Apple Maps, all businesses should also make sure their data is up to date on the relevant data supplier for their country. Failing to do this could mean that your business info gets overwritten when Apple gets a new update from a supplier whose data it trusts more than the data you have submitted.

I have put together this list of data vendors by country to help make it easier to figure out where to go to update your data:

Business Listings Supplier Country
Axciom Canada & United States
Factual Appears to be big part of Apple Maps UK  See here.
Localeze United States
Open Street Map Global
WhereIs Sensis Australia
New Zealand
TomTom Austria
United Kingdom It appears that TomTom data is not showing up in the UK.  Still investigating.
Yelp All Yelp Countries

This list is based on information found in the Apple Maps Acknowledgments page.  I’ll keep this list updated as I get new information.  Feel free to ping me if you have any.

  • Rafael Grillo Policastro

    Still missing Brazil…

    • andrewsho

      Rafael, I haven’t figured out where they are getting their Brazilian data from. It may be Acxiom, but I am not sure.

  • Nic

    New Zealand?

  • Kerry

    What a debacle!! Our Australian business had the correct address under Google but Apple info is at least three years old – yes really. There is no way to correct the detail as there is no country drop down for Australia on their correction form. Any smaller company would go out of business if it treated it customers like TomTom.

  • Kerry


    • Monte Huebsch

      Australia now powered by Yelp

  • oguz

    what about Turkey ?

    • Andrew Shotland

      Not sure. They are taking reviews from Yelp for Turkey.

  • jacky

    hi, does anyone know about Israel listing options?

    • Andrew Shotland

      Factual is the most likely supplier and perhaps Acxiom

  • Flycam Asia

    Hi, how to register the business on the Apple map for Indonesia

    • Andrew Shotland

      Not sure, but I think you will need to get your business listed in TomTom. Mapping data for Indonesia is provided by but not sure they provide business listings. My Indonesian needs some work :)

  • Osama Ahmed Farooqi

    What about Saudi Arabia?

  • Budi Fazarudin

    indonesian ???

  • Nicole Struelens

    Hi, I noticed my business was not listed on apple maps. I did the “report a problem” from my iPhone 6s and reported my business. I also updated the address on my Yelp listing. How long will it take before the info is updated?